Welcome to our links page, here we have listed partner sites which we feel could be useful.

Cheap Medical Aid – A site that’s dedicated to helping anyone seeking affordable medical aid to learn more about the topic.

Makeup Brushes – This site has been set up because there seems to be a large amount of people looking for information on makeup brushes online.

Wifi Deals – A website that’s been set up to help anyone looking to learn more about wifi deals across South Africa. Wireless internet seems to be a trend that’s picking up all over, and there are many deals available, hence the reason for this website.

New Songs – A site which has been set up to cater for the demand of people who are always seeking to know what the latest and newest songs are in South Africa and around the world.

Earbuds – A local South African website that’s focused on delivering the best information about Ear Buds which can be used by anyone who uses earbuds regardless of whether they only listen to music or while performing tasks such as running.

Plase te Koop – A website that’s focused on featuring plase (farms) in South Africa that are for sale. Potential buyers can browse through any current listings, while sellers can list their farm or farms on the website.

Advertisements – A site geared towards South African advertisements. If you want to advertise online this website could be a helpful resource. It will eventually cover everything from free to paid advertisements.

Oil Rig Jobs – For those who seek to know more about the oil industry and may be seeking to find a job on an oil rig, this website could be useful on such an endeavor.

Ceiling Lights – Ceilings can look beautiful with or without lights, however adding a light can give it a different look. If you want to know more about the lights that go onto ceilings then you may find some answers on the topic at this site.

Bus Tickets – Many South African travel around the country via a Bus, sometimes to a city nearby or one far away. Learn more about bus bookings for any future travel plans which you do by bus.

Apprenticeships – Many people who finish school or tertiary education may be looking for a place to start to gain experience. An apprenticeship may be the answer in such a situation, so this website has been created to help companies with apprenticeship spots and people seeking those internship positions to get in touch.